Star Wars: The Long Road Ahead

Episode Seven

All Your Base are Belong to the Empire

About six weeks have passed since their last mission. Our heroes have utilized the period of rest to learn more about the routine of the Rebel base and to train new skills. This episode plays out in a series of vignettes:

1) As a favor to Urel Haydon, Loren speaks to a rebel soldier named Sarliss. The young Gran was the sole survivor of a team ambushed by Imperials during a failed mission. Sarliss feels guilt at his friends being captured or killed, but Loren manages to give him some advice based on personal experience.

2) Hosh and Quinn take part in a Sabacc game with the base surgeon Doctor Morrick, a hotshot pilot Rik Torrence, and a very large wookie named Isshtharr. For his own amusement Hosh cheats, causing Isshtharr to win most of the hands. This upsets Rik, who accuses the wookie of cheating. After Isshtharr starts to squeeze the life out of the pilot, Hosh and Quinn intercede, with Quinn telling Rik to apologize. Rik does so, but tells Quinn he wont forget that the twi’lek took the wookie’s side.

3) Major Yalor asks Korvat to examine a damaged Y-wing, looking for evidence of a mysterious signal that may have jammed the fighter’s communications and navigation systems. Korvat manages to find traces of the signal as mysterious static on the computer—but accidentally erases the data before downloading it to the base computers.

4) Now convinced that something strange is going on, Major Yalor sends the entire team out on a patrol using T-47 airspeeders. They cover three sectors of Arda I, discovering a mysterious, disc-shaped device sending out a beacon signal. Then they stumble on to an Imperial probe droid which shoots down one of the speeders. After blasting the droid, the heroes try to recover any data from it—but are distracted by the site of three Star Destroyers in the sky, orbiting the planet.


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