Star Wars: The Long Road Ahead

Episode Six

Throw Me the Drugs, I Throw You the Twi'lek

After learning that Quinn’s life was in danger unless the team recovered the drugs for the bounty hunters, Hosh sliced into the security forces network. He reclassified the impounded drugs (along with various small arms that could be used to satisfy their original mission) as relief supplies for a local disaster. Checking with their secret Alliance contact, they were told to have the weapons moved to docking bay 27 at the spaceport. Hosh arranged for the drugs and weapons to be brought to the docking bay the following morning.

Waiting for the at the docking bay was Jasri Lanken with her ship, The Blue Bantha. Neutr0n and the bounty hunters arrived at the docking bay as planned, trading Quinn for the drugs in a surprisingly peaceful exchange. The weapons were loaded on board The Blue Bantha and our heroes departed for the Rebel base on Arda I. While they had failed to arrange a lasting supply of weapons for the Alliance, they at least had brought one shipment with them and escaped with their lives, certain that they would one day run into Neutr0n again.


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