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  • Episode One

    [[:hosh-bran-zu | Hosh Bran'zu]] and [[:loren-argo | Loren Argo]], two new recruits for the Rebel Alliance, were given secret instructions to meet at "Hangar 14, Blue Bantha." Arriving at the spaceport, they met Captain [[:jasri-lanken | Jasri Lanken]], …

  • Jasri Lanken

    Jasri uses her ship, [[The Blue Bantha | The Blue Bantha]], to make trade runs across the galaxy, some perfectly legitimate, others not so much. But this is all a cover; she's actually a Rebel agent. She often delivers secret messages for the Alliance and …

  • Guro Vegnu

    Guro is the sullustan first mate on [[The Blue Bantha | The Blue Bantha]], and has been friends with its captain, [[:jasri-lanken | Jasri Lanken]], for many years.

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