Star Wars: The Long Road Ahead

Episode Four
The Spice Must Flow

Loren, Hosh, and Korvat are summoned to a briefing by Danel Qurno (Commander). There they meet the newest team member, Quintar’usolan (Quinn for short). Commander Qurno informs the team that the base needs a new supplier for infantry weapons. Korvat will fly the team to the city of Tun Wala on Arda II, a trading hub for the local sector.

The team is provided with credits and a local contact who can assist with logistics once the deal has been completed. However, if the team gets into trouble they cannot reveal their ties to the Alliance or the location of the base under any circumstances.

Once the team arrives in Tun Wala, they make their way to a local cantina called the Sleeping Rancor, known as a gathering spot for local black market traders. They meet with an arms dealer named Zand Kobo, who arranges to meet them the following morning at his ship in the spaceport to show them the weapons and finalize the deal.

When they arrive at the docking bay, they find a freighter covered in scorch marks from a fight, but no sign of Zand. Slicing their way into the ship, they discover the cargo hold is filled with highly illegal drugs rather than weapons. Just then, local security forces arrive to arrest the team, they discover the drugs and determine that the ship is actually registered in Quinn’s name.

While detained at the local jail, they are questioned separately, but reveal only that they had a business arrangement with Zand for something other than drugs and have no idea why the ship is registered to Quinn. Hosh is later able to hack into the email system and modify the records of everyone except Quinn (which has been red flagged in the system). Loren, Hosh and Korvat are set free, leaving Quinn alone in jail awaiting trial.

Episode Five
Office Space

After the team (except for Quinn) was released from jail, Hosh used his computer skills to discover more information about who had set them up and where they were. Zand Kobo had escaped off-world on another ship about the same time that the team was being arrested. Marzek Trevelyan, the mid-level government official that had flagged Quinn’s file was living and working in Tun Wala.

The team decided to stake out Marzek’s home and office. He seemed to be a normal government worker—until they walked in on two bounty hunters who were in the middle of capturing Marzek in his apartment. A fight ensued, during which Loren was severely injured; Hosh and Korvat decided to surrender. Marzek used the distraction to make good his escape from the apartment. The bounty hunters left the team to hide out from the arriving police until they too could escape.

After deciding that Marzek’s office was the most likely place to find him, they broke in to find Marzek alone and in a mood to talk. He explained that he provided Zand with information that allowed him to pirate certain ships, but that they had accidentally stolen a large load of illegal drugs from the wrong people. They framed the team for the crime in an attempt to mislead the true owners of the drugs. Marzek claimed the whole scheme was Zand’s idea. He gave them the name of the planet where Zand could be found and arranged for Quinn’s release in a few days.

That night, the team received a call from the bounty hunters, demanding that they recover the drugs from the police within the next 24 hours or else Quinn will be killed in jail by another inmate in the same cell. The team also learned that Marzek was actually an infamous slicer named Neutr0n, who disappeared off the grid about two years ago. They started working on a plan to recover the drugs and save their teammate.

Episode Six
Throw Me the Drugs, I Throw You the Twi'lek

After learning that Quinn’s life was in danger unless the team recovered the drugs for the bounty hunters, Hosh sliced into the security forces network. He reclassified the impounded drugs (along with various small arms that could be used to satisfy their original mission) as relief supplies for a local disaster. Checking with their secret Alliance contact, they were told to have the weapons moved to docking bay 27 at the spaceport. Hosh arranged for the drugs and weapons to be brought to the docking bay the following morning.

Waiting for the at the docking bay was Jasri Lanken with her ship, The Blue Bantha. Neutr0n and the bounty hunters arrived at the docking bay as planned, trading Quinn for the drugs in a surprisingly peaceful exchange. The weapons were loaded on board The Blue Bantha and our heroes departed for the Rebel base on Arda I. While they had failed to arrange a lasting supply of weapons for the Alliance, they at least had brought one shipment with them and escaped with their lives, certain that they would one day run into Neutr0n again.

Episode Seven
All Your Base are Belong to the Empire

About six weeks have passed since their last mission. Our heroes have utilized the period of rest to learn more about the routine of the Rebel base and to train new skills. This episode plays out in a series of vignettes:

1) As a favor to Urel Haydon, Loren speaks to a rebel soldier named Sarliss. The young Gran was the sole survivor of a team ambushed by Imperials during a failed mission. Sarliss feels guilt at his friends being captured or killed, but Loren manages to give him some advice based on personal experience.

2) Hosh and Quinn take part in a Sabacc game with the base surgeon Doctor Morrick, a hotshot pilot Rik Torrence, and a very large wookie named Isshtharr. For his own amusement Hosh cheats, causing Isshtharr to win most of the hands. This upsets Rik, who accuses the wookie of cheating. After Isshtharr starts to squeeze the life out of the pilot, Hosh and Quinn intercede, with Quinn telling Rik to apologize. Rik does so, but tells Quinn he wont forget that the twi’lek took the wookie’s side.

3) Major Yalor asks Korvat to examine a damaged Y-wing, looking for evidence of a mysterious signal that may have jammed the fighter’s communications and navigation systems. Korvat manages to find traces of the signal as mysterious static on the computer—but accidentally erases the data before downloading it to the base computers.

4) Now convinced that something strange is going on, Major Yalor sends the entire team out on a patrol using T-47 airspeeders. They cover three sectors of Arda I, discovering a mysterious, disc-shaped device sending out a beacon signal. Then they stumble on to an Imperial probe droid which shoots down one of the speeders. After blasting the droid, the heroes try to recover any data from it—but are distracted by the site of three Star Destroyers in the sky, orbiting the planet.

Episode Eight

With the three ominous silhouettes of Imperial Star Destroyers overhead, Loren grabs his electrobinoculars and climbs up a nearby outcropping of rock to get a better view. He spies six transports leaving the Star Destroyers, descending to the surface of Arda I. Meanwhile, Hosh uses his slicing expertise to attempt to break through the radio interference in an attempt to warn the Rebel base. In case he fails, Korvat and Quinn hop into one of the remaining airspeeders and take off at breakneck speed back to the base.


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