Loren Argo

Ex Imperial Storm Commando, now joining the Alliance.


Loren was once a member of the Storm Commandos, an elite special forces unit within the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. He was trained to perform covert assaults, precision strikes and sabotage operations against enemy forces. He believed in the Empire, considering it his duty to help bring order and safety to the galaxy.

One day his unit was dropped deep behind enemy lines for a secret mission during the invasion of a system that was sympathetic to the Rebellion. Loren’s unit was ordered to commit heinous acts and then betrayed; he barely escaped with his life. After that he wanted nothing more to do with the Empire, joining the Alliance as soon as he could.

For Loren, honor is paramount. Killing enemy soldiers is one thing, but shooting down the helpless is beyond the soldier’s code. The safety of his men is also very important to him. He tends to be rather gruff and humorless, more comfortable barking out orders than carrying on a normal conversation. When not on duty, he enjoys frequenting the local bars wherever he is stationed.

Homeworld: Coruscant

Located in the Core region, Coruscant is among the most ancient of the galaxy’s civilized worlds. It served as the capitol of the Republic, and is now the seat of power for the Empire. It has been renamed Imperial Center and its citizens are among the staunchest Imperial supporters in the Empire.

Loren Argo

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