Korvat Ransa

Hotshot pilot, fighting to free his home.


Korvat is from the Duro system, one of the earliest spacefaring societies predating even the modern hyperdrive. Like many of his people, he has a natural affinity for technology and space travel, making him an excellent pilot and a pretty good mechanic to boot.

He joined the Alliance for one very simple reason: the Empire effectively enslaved his people after the Duros leadership announced their support for the Alliance. Korvat’s family still lives on Duro under the Empire’s oppressive rule. He knows that the only way to free them and his people is to defeat the Empire.

Korvat is usually rather quiet, especially around strangers, but he’s always paying attention and observing his surroundings. When not on a mission for the Rebellion, he can sometimes be coaxed by his friends to tell stories about his family and his home.

Homeworld: Duro

The planet Duro is overwhelmed by industry and sprawling automated corporate farms. Due to high pollution and terrible conditions on the surface, the Duros live in orbital cities or elsewhere offworld. The Empire controls the system, continuing to strip what little remains of the planet’s natural resources for use in the Imperial shipyards.

Korvat Ransa

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