Hosh Bran'zu

Bothan slicer, working for the Rebellion because everyone else wants him dead.


Hosh is a data slicer (one of the best, if you ask him) and completely at home in the criminal underworld. He prides himself on having contacts on many systems where illegal activity is afoot. In times past, he had no problem with taking on jobs for just about anyone as long as it furthered his own ends in some fashion. Sadly, he was too good at his work; the Empire as well as several criminal organizations have placed rather large bounties on his head. The Rebel Alliance is now the only viable employer.

Like most Bothans, Hosh follows a code of ethics called “The Way,” which teaches that the pursuit of power and influence is both right and necessary. Hosh knows how to use a blaster, but he generally prefers manipulation and scheming over resorting to violence.

Outwardly, Hosh is very amiable and a smooth-talker. He tends to be rather free with his credits, offering to buy drinks at the nearest bar—especially if he thinks the beverages will loosen some tongues.

Homeworld: Bothawui

Bothawui is a Mid-Rim world, temperate in climate and varied in terrain. It is officially neutral in the Galactic Civil War, a position made possible by the Empire’s surprisingly light touch when dealing with the Bothans. However, their spynet secretly serves the Rebellion, funneling information about virtually every aspect of the Empire to them.

Hosh Bran'zu

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