Star Wars: The Long Road Ahead

Episode Two

The Kids in the Haul

After securing the prisoners and tending to the wounded, Captain Jasri Lanken made the final hyperspace jump to Arda II. She instructed Hosh Bran’zu and Loren Argo to meet up with Korvat Ransa, who would provide transportation to the hidden Rebel base on the desert planet Arda I.

Korvat piloted a shuttle craft through the twists and turns of a narrow, winding canyon that led to the underground entrance to the base. The heroes were given a tour of the base and assigned bunks in the barracks.

After a few weeks of learning their way around and performing routine duties, they were summoned to a briefing by Ran Niall (General). He explained that the pirate prisoners had provided some intriguing intelligence regarding a semi-mythical Imperial convoy known as “The Perlemian Haul.” The General instructed the heroes to take a shuttle to Martle Station and gather any information they could about the convoy—perhaps even hijack one of the Imperial freighters if possible.

Korvat, Hosh and Loren made their way to the aging station, scouting out a local cantina after they docked. Korvat and Loren bought some drinks for a few merchant ship crewmen and learned that the dock workers at the station were quite disgruntled. Meanwhile, Hosh took part in a sabacc game and overheard one of the other players talking about a trinket recently purchased from a local merchant named Passk.

They made their way to the merchant center and located Passk’s shop. Korvat was quite taken with one of the “artifacts” and purchased it. Passk was intrigued to hear of the heroes’ interest in the Perlemian Haul. A supplemental bribe convinced him to share his knowledge of the Imperial Command and Control center of the station, along with a purloined Imperial Navy uniform.

As Loren was the only human among the three (and therefore the only one likely to make it past the security guards while dressed as an Imperial Navy officer), a plan was conceived for him to sneak a small remote control device into Command and Control, allowing Hosh access to the station’s computers in order to retrieve intelligence about the convoy.

To be continued in Episode Three.


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