Star Wars: The Long Road Ahead

Episode Three

The Talented Mister Argo

Inside their shuttle on Martle Station, the team worked on various tasks: Hosh Bran’zu rigged up a small computer device that could be plugged into a data port inside the Imperial control tower, while Korvat Ransa monitored local communications for anything interesting, and Loren Argo checked his gear and got some sleep.

Loren found himself in the midst of a familiar nightmare: he was back in his last mission for the Empire, holding a group of civilians hostage to guarantee the compliance of a planetary governor who had made the mistake of announcing his support for the Alliance. Now the Imperials were invading the capitol with the governor’s assistance while Loren’s team held his family and other innocents inside a building surrounded by the local militia.

Once the invasion was a success Loren’s superior, Lieutenant Voss, ordered him to execute the hostages even though the governor had cooperated. Loren refused and tried to evacuate with his men, but Voss detonated the building remotely, killing the hostages to set an example. To punish Loren for his insubordination, Voss left his Storm Commando squad to die at the hands of the militia.

Loren woke up in a cold sweat, then steadied himself and prepared to carry out his current mission. He made his way into the Imperial control tower and plugged in Hosh’s device. He was in a tight spot for a moment when the senior officer came over and asked him to pull up some records, but when Hosh’s slicing triggered an alarm at another station, Loren used the diversion to make his way out of the tower and back to the shuttle.

Hosh analyzed the stolen data which proved that the Perlemian Haul was indeed real; one of the convoys was due to dock at the station the very next day. After discovering that freighter M226, a Temple-Class Heavy Freighter was carrying a cargo of Alliance prisoners and wounded, our heroes made this their next target.

Disguised as dock workers, they made their way on board the freighter while it was being loaded with cargo from the station. They decided to make their way to the bridge section by concealing themselves in the vessel’s ventilation ducts. They disabled several maintenance workers at one point, stealing their uniforms and comm links.

The unconscious workers were discovered just as our heroes reached the command module, but they managed to rush through the security bulkheads just before they closed. A firefight on the bridge ensued; Loren made a spectacular blaster shot that blew off the captain’s hand. The bridge crew promptly surrendered and the freighter was dropped out of hyperspace. Korvat plotted a new course that brought the vessel safely to a prearranged rendezvous with a small Alliance fleet.

With their mission a complete success, the fleet commander gave our heroes a shuttle with which to make their way back to the Rebel base on Arda I.


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