Star Wars: The Long Road Ahead

Episode One

Flight of the Blue Bantha

Hosh Bran’zu and Loren Argo, two new recruits for the Rebel Alliance, were given secret instructions to meet at “Hangar 14, Blue Bantha.” Arriving at the spaceport, they met Captain Jasri Lanken, her first mate Guro Vegnu, and another recruit named Veric Gamlis.

After brief introductions, Captain Lanken and the rest boarded her vessel, an aging light freighter named The Blue Bantha. While the new recruits settled in and got acquainted in the ship’s lounge, the Bantha proceeded to take off, leave orbit and make the jump to hyperspace; they were on their way to a hidden Rebel base.

A few hours into the journey, the ship suddenly lurched out of hyperspace, coming to a dead stop right in front of a light interdictor cruiser controlled by pirates; it was an ambush! More bad news followed when the first mate discovered that the Bantha’s sublight engines had been sabotaged by someone on board.

After making threats over the comlink, the pirates proceeded to board the Bantha, intent on stealing her cargo—and killing her crew and passengers if they resisted. But Loren, Hosh, Guro and Veric had prepared their defenses, stacking up crates in the cargo bay for cover. A band of pirates boarded, and a shootout ensued.

Our heroes managed to pick off several of the pirates, but Loren and Hosh received light wounds, while Guro took a blaster shot full in the chest. Loren bravely put himself in harm’s way to drag the wounded Guro back behind cover. It was then than Veric revealed his true allegiance, pointing his blaster at Hosh and calling for the surrender of the Bantha’s crew.

Captain Lanken appeared from the cockpit, smiling as she revealed her own ambush; one of the crates in the cargo bay burst open, revealing her hidden droideka—a destroyer droid! The droid made short work of the remaining pirates while Loren took the opportunity of surprise to stun Veric.

A second surprise lay in store for the pirates as Captain Lanken used her comlink to summon a Rebel frigate and a squad of Y-Wings that were hidden nearby, making a hyperspace microjump to catch the pirate cruiser flat-footed.

As they carried her fallen first mate to the medical bay, she explained to Loren and Hosh that the Alliance had been planning a trap all along for this particular group of pirates. She apologized to the heroes for not informing them ahead of time, but she couldn’t be sure which of them might be working for the pirates.

With Veric and the wounded pirates as prisoners and the patched up Guro resting in the medical bay, the Bantha completed its trip to the hidden Rebel base, where our heroes would report in at the beginning of the next episode.


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