Star Wars: The Long Road Ahead

Episode Four

The Spice Must Flow

Loren, Hosh, and Korvat are summoned to a briefing by Danel Qurno (Commander). There they meet the newest team member, Quintar’usolan (Quinn for short). Commander Qurno informs the team that the base needs a new supplier for infantry weapons. Korvat will fly the team to the city of Tun Wala on Arda II, a trading hub for the local sector.

The team is provided with credits and a local contact who can assist with logistics once the deal has been completed. However, if the team gets into trouble they cannot reveal their ties to the Alliance or the location of the base under any circumstances.

Once the team arrives in Tun Wala, they make their way to a local cantina called the Sleeping Rancor, known as a gathering spot for local black market traders. They meet with an arms dealer named Zand Kobo, who arranges to meet them the following morning at his ship in the spaceport to show them the weapons and finalize the deal.

When they arrive at the docking bay, they find a freighter covered in scorch marks from a fight, but no sign of Zand. Slicing their way into the ship, they discover the cargo hold is filled with highly illegal drugs rather than weapons. Just then, local security forces arrive to arrest the team, they discover the drugs and determine that the ship is actually registered in Quinn’s name.

While detained at the local jail, they are questioned separately, but reveal only that they had a business arrangement with Zand for something other than drugs and have no idea why the ship is registered to Quinn. Hosh is later able to hack into the email system and modify the records of everyone except Quinn (which has been red flagged in the system). Loren, Hosh and Korvat are set free, leaving Quinn alone in jail awaiting trial.


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