Star Wars: The Long Road Ahead

Episode Five

Office Space

After the team (except for Quinn) was released from jail, Hosh used his computer skills to discover more information about who had set them up and where they were. Zand Kobo had escaped off-world on another ship about the same time that the team was being arrested. Marzek Trevelyan, the mid-level government official that had flagged Quinn’s file was living and working in Tun Wala.

The team decided to stake out Marzek’s home and office. He seemed to be a normal government worker—until they walked in on two bounty hunters who were in the middle of capturing Marzek in his apartment. A fight ensued, during which Loren was severely injured; Hosh and Korvat decided to surrender. Marzek used the distraction to make good his escape from the apartment. The bounty hunters left the team to hide out from the arriving police until they too could escape.

After deciding that Marzek’s office was the most likely place to find him, they broke in to find Marzek alone and in a mood to talk. He explained that he provided Zand with information that allowed him to pirate certain ships, but that they had accidentally stolen a large load of illegal drugs from the wrong people. They framed the team for the crime in an attempt to mislead the true owners of the drugs. Marzek claimed the whole scheme was Zand’s idea. He gave them the name of the planet where Zand could be found and arranged for Quinn’s release in a few days.

That night, the team received a call from the bounty hunters, demanding that they recover the drugs from the police within the next 24 hours or else Quinn will be killed in jail by another inmate in the same cell. The team also learned that Marzek was actually an infamous slicer named Neutr0n, who disappeared off the grid about two years ago. They started working on a plan to recover the drugs and save their teammate.


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